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The Nodding Folk - "The Apocalyptic Folk In The Nodding God Unveiled" (Book - 1993)

The Nodding Folk was the name of the musical project with the members David Tibet, James Mannox, John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Sam Mannox-Wood, Simon Norris, and Steven Stapleton from the groups Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Coil, Cyclobe and Spasm.

The group got together specifically to record a single album : « The Apocalyptic Folk In The Nodding God Unveiled ». This 10 minutes CD was first released in 1993 and was coupled with a comic book full of little hints and inside jokes about Current 93 and friends.

The CD was reissued several time and can be legally dowload from the Coptic Cat Shop site.

The 28 pages of this 1993 book is here. (personal archive).

The contributiors on the book were Mark Pawson, James Mannox, David Tibet, Peter Christopherson, John Balance, Enrico Chiarparin and Savage Pencil.

Find also a nice review of this project on the Soft Black Stars site.