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47Ashes - Article "Life Without Sex" (2002)

Article « 47Ashes ou le dévoilement de la stratégie de la tension » paru dans la newsletter "Life Without Sex" en 2002, et incluant notamment une discographie commentée.

Auteur : Bärn Balta

Pdf téléchargeable ici. (archive personnelle)

47Ashes - Interview "Cynfeirdd" (2003)

Interview (french and english) de 47Ashes dans le fanzine Cynfeirdd (2003).

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Undercurrent - Article "Symposium" (1993)

Article in french (fanzine Symposium) on the american industrial act Undercurrent (1986-1990).

The pdf is here. (personal archive)

Eternité Minimale - Interview "La Rue Clandestine" (1992)

Interview du label de Neutral Project, également petit label de distribution au début des années 1990, dans le fanzine La Rue Clandestine.

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The Haters Tour Diary (1991-1992)

Informations :
. The Haters Tour Diary: ND Magazine n°16 - USA - 1992 (diary + edito and cover of the ND Magazine are downloadable here). An updated version of this diary is also available on the Jupitter-Larsen site.
. Picture in Denver 1991: Source unknown - Photograph : Andrew Frey
. Flyer: Even the tour dates mentioned on this flyer did not match exactly with the ones of the diary, it actually refers to the same tour (this flyer was the back of a personal mail correspondance with the French distributor Front De L’Est in August 1991).

In Zhe Gaza Megakitsch - Live 1992/1993

Paris, Les Etablissements Phonographiques De L'Est (18/09/1992)

Lesigny, Festival Cartel Experimental (24/10/1992)

Paris, Les Etablissements Phonographiques De L'Est (19/06/1993)

Two of my pictures were used by IZGM for the covers of his tapes.
The first one for Fuck Me Like A Panzer-Schlaggen.
The fourth one for Rythmic Assault.

Another concert took place also in Paris the 12/07/1992 and an excerpt can be listened here
This track was on the second album of 47Ashes, the following musical project of Pierre Barthélémy. 

Neutral Project - Interview "Omega" (1993)

Interview de Neutral Project, fanzine Omega, n°2 (1993).
Pdf téléchargeable ici. (archive personnelle)